My mindcurv group consulting experience


This is the first post I’m writing in English because I’m really happy to be able to share my experiences with our diverse team and internationally located colleagues and customers. For me, inclusion and the appreciation and recognition of diversity is one of the pillars of a really cool and future ready working world.

For over one year I have been working as a „Client Strategist“ at mindcurv. According to BVDW in 2021, Mindcurv was the fastest-growing digital agency in Germany, so in 2021 I was mainly active in qualifying leads at the very front of the sales funnel and converting them from opportunities (RFI/RFP) to happy customers – greetings to our nice Salesforce integration at this point.

My job is dedicated to be on program level and because of this I am deeply in charge of consultative selling, forecasting, setting up teams, talking to different partners or external vendors and keeping the stakeholders as well as the whole enterprise architecture in mind.

A framework really helpful to drive digitalization is SIAM / MSI, if adapted properly by trusted advisors, a command center nested in the clients organisation can skyrocket the digital value generation with seamless and fantastic user experiences at the top. The book I can definitely recommend to quickly gain an understanding of the topic (no it’s not about ServiceNow oder Servicedesk ticketing 🙂 ):

So Mindcurv has grown a lot and become mindcurv group, we were happy to meet and welcome our new colleagues from Eccellerate, CloudConsultingGroup, Initions, wysiwyg and Igniti in Germany and I am more than happy to work in real diverse teams with great folks from India and all over Europe.

At K5X conference we also saw the new mindcurv group homepage (old on the left / new on the right):

Consequently, we were able to win some super interesting new clients. My current clients include Vitra, porta, BME and Bauking. Of course, we have achieved much more but due to confidentiality I can’t peddle everything publicly.

Strategic consulting was already a topic close to my heart at arvatis, as well as marketplaces and really modern solution architectures – so Mindcurv was the right address for me and I directly had a lot of chats with our CBDO and became a member of the MACH Alliance where I met many great „e-commerce dinosaurs“ (quote from Lars Denzer) I used to know since my time at omeco again.

The best thing about mindcurv for me is not the fancy offices, not the Teslas and not the extremely strong growth, it’s the culture, the people.

I’ve worked in virtual teams several times before (since my time at SIEMENS) but at mindcurv it’s somehow different, it just always feels more positive and familiar and you can only guess where your colleagues are really located – suddenly someone walks through the door and smiles at you, who you thought was thousands of miles away.

That’s a good feeling a real „mixed shore“ feeling.

If you are interested to learn more about my work, just don’t hesitate to contact me on or via e-mail.

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